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    Consecration of the Venerable Alison Taylor:

    Date: Sat 6 Apr 2013
    Time: 10:00am
    Category: Spirituality
    As Bishop of the Southern Region

    Service followed by refreshments in the Cathedral

    Please keep Alison in your prayers.

    Lord Jesus Christ,
    though you are rich, for our sake you became poor.
    Taking the form of a servant, you humbled yourself,
       and gave your life a ransom for many.
    Send your blessing of those called to be bishops,
    that they may have grace and power
       to serve as your ambassadors,
    to stand beside the poor and raise up the needy,
    and so proclaim your gospel of salvation in word and deed.
    May they be patient and loving, strong and steadfast,
       running to the end the race set before them,
    to receive your promised crown of glory.  Amen

    Cathedral Reception
    p: 07 3835 2222

    St John's Cathedral, 373 Ann Street, Brisbane, Qld, Australia. Open for visitors from 9.30am-4.30pm daily.