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Cathedral Guides

St John’s Cathedral is a fine example of 19th century Gothic-Revival architecture designed in 1888 by John Loughborough Pearson.

The three stages, 1906 - 1910 and 1963 - 1968, 1989 - 2009 have created a superb Gothic interior with a forest of elegant sandstone columns and arches supporting the only stone vaulted ceiling in Australia.

Once inside the Cathedral, with space to seat 1,000 people, the visitor can see many examples of superb creative arts: examples of exquisite wood carvings include the Choir stalls and Archbishop’s seat intricately carved in Queensland Silkwood; more than 400 needlework cushions designed by Queensland College of Arts students, feature Australian flora and fauna.

Every window in the cathedral is of significance: from the large early 20th century Wheel Window to the collection of William Bustard’s work, and then the later vibrant windows of David Saunders, the Millenium Window designed by Scott Maxwell and made by Warwick Blair and the thought-provoking series of windows designed and made by Glenn Mack.

Visitors Welcome Daily

Guides on duty
The Cathedral is open 9.30am–4.30pm.
Group tours by appointment, bookings essential

Tours are $7.00 a head (Catering is also available at an additional cost)
phone (07) 3835 2248

Becoming a Volunteer at St John's Cathedral

If the visual focus of the Cathedral has touched you, if the stories of the Cathedral have interested you, if you enjoy meeting people of all ages and would like to share with them the joy that comes from spending time in such a special place, then why not become a volunteer?

The Cathedral is open to visitors every day and looks to volunteers to staff the Cathedral Shop and to welcome and take these visitors on guided tours.

New volunteers are always welcome to join the existing team of willing people who enjoy welcoming and assisting visitors. It is a requirement of the Diocese of Brisbane that all volunteers are eligible to apply for a 'Blue Card'.

Why not join the team?

Enquiries to join volunteer Guides and Welcomers:

Mrs Jacki Scott
Ph: 07 3835 2225

Enquiries to join The Cathedral Shop
Mrs Jacki Scott
Ph: 07 3835 2225

St John's Cathedral, 373 Ann Street, Brisbane, Qld, Australia. Open for visitors from 9.30am-4.30pm daily.