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Welcome to our special page dedicated to the Lenten period and Holy Week / Easter 2018.

Here you will find information about our services and events in the coming weeks. Please be sure to refresh your browser when next you visit.

For general information or specific enquiries, please contact the Cathedral office during business hours, 9.00am
to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, or email


We hope that our 2018 Lenten program will provide you with the resources you need to turn aside and recognise the presence and action of God in your life and the life of the world.

This year we are offering opportunities to engage in the moment and to engage in our bodies, through offerings as diverse as Yoga, Meditation, and a Quiet Day. The various study groups will be using material that will allow us to engage in the important work of building community and supporting one another as we seek to understand who we are before God and what God is a calling us to do and to be.

Click here or on the image above to download a PDF (2MB) of the 2018 brochure

Brochures are also available at the Literature Table and St Martin’s House.

16th February to 23rd March

On Friday evenings in Lent, the Cathedral will be open at 9.00pm for 45 minutes of sublime reflective music performed by some of Brisbane’s best ensembles.

This will be followed by a Service of Compline, the liturgy for the close of the day.

Everyone is warmly welcomed to join us at these ethereal experiences.

Saturday 10th March

9.30am – 12.30pm

“Stations of the Soul” with George Trippe

Deepen the inner work of your Lenten journey with this Quiet Morning at the Cathedral with special guest facilitator George Trippe. On this retreat George will bring his art and his wealth of experience as a spiritual guide to lead us on a pilgrimage through the “Stations of the Soul”.

Many in our community will be familiar with the George’s work through the Advent Reflections offered on the Spirituality of Non-violent Living using the DVD materials he produced.

There is no charge for this event, and all materials will be provided, but please bring a plate for a shared lunch together at the conclusion of the retreat.

Click here to download an A5-size flyer (367kb)


Mondays, 7.00pm
19th February to 26th March + 9th April
Tuesdays, 10.30am

20th February – 3rd April

Choosing to follow in the way of Christ is not a destination but a lifetime of learning and action.It challenges us to stand up against the way things have been and the way things are, to help create possibilities for the way things can and should be. It enlists us as contemplative activists in an ongoing uprising of peace, freedom, justice and compassion.

Over seven 90-minute sessions, this Lenten study will focus on what this adventure can mean, reflecting on Jesus’ teachings in the Sermon on the Mount and then travelling all the way through Holy Week to the cross and the empty tomb.

Copies of We Make the Road by Walking will be available at the Cathedral Shop ($19.95), but purchase of the book is not essential for participation in the group.

Contact Sue Wilton for more information by phone on 0413 108 584 or email at:

Sunday 18th March

From 3.00pm

City Churches Way of the Cross
Commencing at St John’s Cathedral and finishing at St Stephen’s Cathedral.

The Brisbane Stations of the Cross are based on a set of stations, drawings and walks, that emerged in Lent 2009. The fourteen Stations of the Cross (with one exception) are based on the stations from St Pierre de Chartreuse, France. The Brisbane Stations of the Cross are a response to a pilgrimage walk between St John’s Cathedral and St Stephen’s Cathedral.

This Stations project seeks to engage with the Brisbane CBD and churches across the city and present a way of tracing the story of Easter in our place and time.

Click here to download your A4 PDF guide (1100kb) to the Brisbane Way of the Cross for Lent 2018.

Wednesdays, 7.30am from 21st Feb

Yoga with prayer is ‘meditation in motion’, enabling a release of tension and stress in the body and assisting you to focus your attention on God’s presence and retain that focus for a period of time. Yoga also has the ability to help its practitioners feel more centred and at home in their bodies.

Many people carry emotional pain and trauma in their bodies. Prayerful practices that include the body can help overcome a sense of disconnection and bring healing and relief as God’s loving presence is invited and honoured in our physical being.

While yoga has never had a single purpose for all its users, at the Cathedral Prayerful Yoga will be offered as a Christ-centred practice that assists in cultivating inner peace, as an aid in stress management, and to create an environment in the mind and body for Christian meditation and prayer.

Prayerful Yoga will be facilitated throughout the season of Lent by Yasmeen, who is also known as Ananda in the Brisbane yoga community. She is Sivananda-trained, and the class will be in the Hatha style at a beginner to intermediate level.

Sessions will be held every Wednesday morning during Lent from 7:30am to 8:30am (between the 7.00am Eucharist and 8:30am Morning Prayer).

A basic health history and waiver form will need to be completed at the first session attended. There is no cost and all are welcome.

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