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Latest Cathedral News

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The Joy of Being Wrong

Homily offered by The Dean on Sunday 14th December, Advent 3.

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Act of Peace Christmass Gifts

Act for Peace is an activity of the National Council of Churches in Australia.

The Act for Peace gift catalogue lets you do more than just wish for a peaceful world, it is an opportunity to act for peace. Show your family and friends how special they are with a meaningful gift that will help rebuild lives. Every Gift for Peace includes a colourful greeting card telling a story behind the program you have chosen to support. Every card also includes a matching fridge magnet so your loved ones can be reminded of your caring gift.

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Visioning Day 2015: Date Claimer

The Cathedral Planning Day will be held on Saturday 14th February 2015.

It is open to all.

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Dean says G20 Should have been held on Cruise Ship.

'It's a feudal pageant. They need us to watch; to be awed and inconvenienced.'

Scales fell from my eyes as those words conjured up Pythonesque parades; kings on steeds surrounded by entourages of knights, minders and advisors – all dressed to impress - approaching a medieval castle.

In my mind's eye I see peasants, allowed to look but not touch, lining the route to be awe-struck.

Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/comment/g20-on-a-cruise-ship-would-have-left-brisbane-alone-20141106-11i7z3.html#ixzz3IKJqkiUa


Cathedral Retreat

Cathedral Retreat

Santa Teresa Centre 2014

St John's Cathedral, 373 Ann Street, Brisbane, Qld, Australia. Open for visitors from 9.30am-4.30pm daily.