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Latest Cathedral News

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United Gathering of Women in Prayer for Peace and Candle Lighting for Hope

New Canons to be Installed

Cathedral Retreat

Cathedral Retreat

Santa Teresa Centre 2014

Iraq Appeal

In the past few weeks, violence has been spreading across Iraq, resulting in an urgent humanitarian crisis. We are deeply concerned by the reports of indiscriminate and extrajudicial killings. Minorities in Iraq, including Christians, are particularly vulnerable as sectarian tensions increase. Over 1 million civilians, mostly women and children, have been forced to flee their homes. Most have fled with nothing and urgently need help now.

Through our partner on the ground, Act for Peace is responding fast to the crisis by providing food parcels, hygiene kits, blankets and cooking sets, but we urgently need more funds to scale up our response. 

Two camps are being established in Erbil and Dohuk to provide much needed shelter to displaced families. But the demand is great and many people are currently living in schools, mosques, tents, abandoned buildings and open public spaces. Terrified and homeless, families are exposed to searing heat, often without anything to eat or drink. 

Please give generously to support displaced families today.

Click here to donate.

Fair Trade Resource

St John's is a Fairtrade Church. To the best of our ability we seek to ensure that all the coffee, tea, biscuits, paper and other consumables we use are produced justly and sustainably.

Sourcing certified Fairtrade, UTZ, Rainforest Allaince and other ethically prduced material can be achallenge at times, as can determining whether the products one is using are ethically produced. The link below will take you to a helpful resource.

Click here for Fairtrade Resource.

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