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Latest Cathedral News

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There's Something About Mary

There's Something About Mary

Performed by the Fieri Consort
with associate artists St Peters Chorale - Directed by Kathryn Morton

Gaude Virgo, Ave Maria! No other woman had so much music written in her praise.  This programme explores devotional music written to Mary during the 16th Century throughout Europe.  The celebrated composers such as Byrd, Josquin and Victoria are presented alongside gems from composers of which we know very little, other than what survives of their music.

Programme includes  Guillaume Dufay Ave Maris Stella Alma Redemtorys, Josquin Desprez Gaude O Virgo Predentissima Ave Maria, Jacobus Clemens O Maria Vernans Rosa, William Byrd Ave Maria, Diogo Dias Melgas Salve Regina, Alonso Lobo Ave Maria, Thomas Luis de Victoria Ave Maria (a 8) Salve Regina (a 5) and Juan Navarri Regina Caeli Laetare.

Download Festival Brochure

Iraq Appeal

In the past few weeks, violence has been spreading across Iraq, resulting in an urgent humanitarian crisis. We are deeply concerned by the reports of indiscriminate and extrajudicial killings. Minorities in Iraq, including Christians, are particularly vulnerable as sectarian tensions increase. Over 1 million civilians, mostly women and children, have been forced to flee their homes. Most have fled with nothing and urgently need help now.

Through our partner on the ground, Act for Peace is responding fast to the crisis by providing food parcels, hygiene kits, blankets and cooking sets, but we urgently need more funds to scale up our response. 

Two camps are being established in Erbil and Dohuk to provide much needed shelter to displaced families. But the demand is great and many people are currently living in schools, mosques, tents, abandoned buildings and open public spaces. Terrified and homeless, families are exposed to searing heat, often without anything to eat or drink. 

Please give generously to support displaced families today.

Click here to donate.

Church Music Festival

Over the next two weekends St John’s will be hosting The Brisbane Contemporary Church Music Festival.

The Brisbane Contemporary Church Music Festival is an annual showcase of contemporary church music that gives audiences an exciting opportunity to hear fine performances within the acoustic of St John’s Anglican Cathedral.

In 2014, the Brisbane Contemporary Church Music Festival takes place over two jam-packed Sundays, August 17 and 24.

But what does ‘contemporary church music’ mean? The phrase can be confusing.
Is it so-called “popular” music? No. Are there drum-kits and guitars? No.
Does it involve the sort of music many churches sing on a Sunday morning? Unlikely.

The Festival aims to present recent sacred music that remains largely hidden to modern audiences – because of the high standard of performance it requires – and give listeners a way to experience faith and spirituality, set in language appropriate to the age in which we live.

In 2014, the Festival is delighted to welcome the Fieri Consort as special guests. 

You can find full details of the 2014 Festival here:


It is an amazing event.

We do hope you will come.

Fair Trade Resource

St John's is a Fairtrade Church. To the best of our ability we seek to ensure that all the coffee, tea, biscuits, paper and other consumables we use are produced justly and sustainably.

Sourcing certified Fairtrade, UTZ, Rainforest Allaince and other ethically prduced material can be achallenge at times, as can determining whether the products one is using are ethically produced. The link below will take you to a helpful resource.

Click here for Fairtrade Resource.

Brisbane city ministers call for climate change to be priority of G20 agenda

Christian Ministers from a number of Brisbane churches have come together to call on the federal government to place climate change on the G20 agenda. The call comes in the wake of government announcements that climate change will not be a formal agenda item, while economic growth will be.


Spokesperson for the group, Dean of St John’s Anglican Cathedral, The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt, said Environment and economy are linked. In fact the economy operates in and is dependent on the environment.


“Human flourishing can only occur if we look after the environment,” Dr Catt said.


“Climate change is a deep concern. The G20 leaders should be showing leadership and discussing it at the top of their agenda when they meet in our city.


“It would be wonderful if a meeting held in our city led the way to sustainable life and a healthy economy.


“Christians understand the Earth to be a precious gift and that humans are called to act as stewards.


“We call on our government, which has  control of the agenda, to give dealing with climate change a position of priority,” Dr Catt said.


Further comment: Dean Peter Catt 0404 052 494



The Rev’d Dr Ann Solari, St John’s Anglican Cathedral

The Rev’d Dan Skippen, Minister, Albert Street Uniting Church

The Rev’d Mary Roberts, St John’s Anglican Cathedral

The Very Rev’d David Pascoe, Dean of St Stephen’s Catholic Cathedral

The Rev'd Stephen G. Nuske, Pastor of the Lutheran Church of St. Andrew the Apostle

The Rev’d Canon Dr Nigel Leaves, St John’s Anglican Cathedral

The Rev’d Dr Mervyn Lander, St John’s Anglican Cathedral

The Rev’d Dr Cecilie Lander, St John’s Anglican Cathedral

The Rev’d Canon Neville Knott, St John’s Anglican Cathedral

The Very Rev David Jones, Minister, Ann Street Presbyterian Church

The Rev’d Canon Bruce Henzell, St John’s Anglican Cathedral



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