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Latest Cathedral News

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And the Cream of All my Heart

A homily on using the sign of the cross offered by The Dean for Palm Sunday, 13th April 2014.

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New Assistant Bishop for Western Region

The Most Reverend Dr Phillip Aspinall has announced that the Venerable Cameron Venables will be Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Brisbane, succeeding Bishop Rob Nolan as Bishop for the Western Region.

Archdeacon Venables is the Rector of the parish of North Rockhampton, and Archdeacon of Rockhampton.

Archbishop Aspinall said Mr Venables had significant parish and cross cultural ministry experience, having worked in Papua New Guinea as well as Brisbane, Grafton and Rockhampton dioceses.

“Cameron has extensive experience ministering with migrant and refugee communities, including Sudanese peoples, and also Indigenous communities,” the Archbishop said.

“Cameron is committed to the mission of God and seeing that mission expressed in contemporary ways. He has a keen interest in social justice and the environment and extensive experience in ministry with young people. Cameron is a warm, personable and hospitable person and I am confident that he will exercise wise and energetic ministry, collaborating with the diversity of clergy and lay people who contribute to our life together in Christ.”

Archdeacon Venables is married to Kate and they have three children, Gabby who is studying at the University of Queensland, Emily currently in year 11 and Jack in year 8 at school.

His Episcopal Ordination will at 7pm on June 24, the Feast of the Birth of John the Baptist in S John’s Cathedral, Brisbane.

Toensing Australian Premier on Good Friday

Easter. Give the Gift of Slavery-Free Chocolate

I always find Easter a struggle, the cravings kick in! The higher the shops stack their shelves with delicious Easter eggs, the worse it gets. I find myself craving Cadbury’s mini eggs or really wanting to tuck into a gooey Cadbury’s Creme Egg. But I just can’t eat them!

Did you know that a child of 10 may have been trafficked to make the chocolate in your favourite Easter egg?

Over a third of the cocoa that makes the world's chocolate comes from the Cote D'Ivoire, Africa. It's highly likely that the beans that make your favourite chocolate Easter egg come from there.

Cocoa harvesting is backbreaking and hazardous work. The shocking reality is that much of this work is done by children. Thousands of boys as young as 10yrs old, from the Cote D'Ivoire and neighbouring countries, are trafficked to pick and harvest these beans. Their freedom is taken and they are forced to work long hours on the cocoa plantations without receiving any money for their work. They are beaten and work in dangerous conditions.

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A National Lament for Refugees

"We are a society which has forgotten how to weep." - Pope Francis

Many people throughout Australia are disturbed by the punitive and harsh policies and conditions to which people seeking asylum in Australia are being subjected. The recent incident on Manus Island and the death of one person and the injury of many highlights the lack of care and dignity in the policies of both the Government and the Opposition and the absence of awareness of their legal and moral responsibilities.

In response to the desire for prayer and action, Catholic Religious Australia is inviting you to participate in a “National Lament”. We are taking our inspiration from the words of Pope Francis when he visited Lampedusa. The National Lament is a campaign of prayer, penance and action for people seeking asylum in Australia. We are seeking to make a Christian response to these people, rather than treating them as a “problem” to be solved.

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