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The Season of Creation is our special time for the Creator and each other.

Some of us pray, some of us do hands-on projects, some of us advocate. We all protect creation. It’s powerfully good work that’s urgently needed. During the Season of Creation, we live out our faith to care for creation. If you’re new to this movement, welcome – or welcome home!  The theme for this year’s celebration is “the web of life” and there are endless ways for our community to show it’s on a journey toward better care of our common home.

This web page – and featured as a special 8pp supplement in the September CCNews – has been prepared to showcase our focus on the Season of Creation in 2019, at a time when, perhaps more than ever, our fragile planet is crying out for our attention to the many challenges which have the potential to threaten the wellbeing
of us all.

And, amidst all the ‘doom-and-gloom’ stories, it can sometimes be challenging to seek out inspiring news of people and projects making a positive difference – big or small. On the last page of our September CCNews supplement, we have gathered links to nine ‘grounds for optimism’ – just a small selection of the surprising body of good news out there in the world!

Sun. 1st September to Fri. 4th October

In 2019 the Queensland Churches Environmental Network (QCEN) marks the third Season of Creation photographic display to inspire others to celebrate creation and participate in bringing healing to the Earth. For five Sundays in September, Christians around the world celebrate the Spirit in Creation and, once again, QCEN has sought photos and artworks to share as resources for liturgy during this season, with a selection of entries on display in our Cathedral. Everyone is most welcome to visit our Cathedral and view the thought-provoking artistry of the selected works.


Each of the five weeks of the Season has a distinct theme, the focus of which will be in each Sunday’s Choral Evensong:

  • 8th September ~ Land: The Earth is the Lord’s
  • 15th September ~ Water: The Source of Life
    6.00pm • Eco-Expo Sunday
  • 22nd September ~ Climate change
    6.00pm • A Celebration of the Ministry of Angligreen
  • 29th September ~ Need not Greed
    6.00pm • Pride Sunday Evensong

Sunday 15th September, 11.30am

A liturgy to celebrate the world that God has given us! If you enjoy being inside the Cathedral, singing, listening to a story, modelling with playdough, creating a ‘world’, planting seeds … then children (and their families!) should enjoy this liturgy.
All are welcome. (There will be an opportunity to visit the chickens, bees and worms after the service.)

Wed. 18th September, 6pm-9pm

Join us to see the new movie which is fast becoming the talk of the world. We will kick off the night with some delicious soup (included in the $5 per person ticket) and conversation at 6.00pm. The film will start at 7.00pm and will be followed by a brief discussion. There will be wine available for a $5 donation on the night as well.



Friday 20th September

The Public Affairs Commission of the Anglican Church of Australia endorses the call for a National Day of Climate Action on 20th September 2019 and encourages Anglicans to participate. The Marks of Mission of the Anglican Church commit the Church to striving to safeguard the integrity of creation, and to sustaining and renewing the life of the earth. Climate Change is a significant threat to our planet and its inhabitants. The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia and various Diocesan Synods have called on State and Federal Government to act in decisive ways to deal with Climate Change.

The National Day of Climate Change Action provides the opportunity for all Australians to call on our political leaders to act. Unless we take account of the needs of our own descendants, and of other life, we will not be behaving kindly, fairly, ethically or morally. Anglicans respect the clear statement on the public record from the 1998 conference of world-wide Anglican Bishops, that ‘human beings have responsibility to make personal and corporate sacrifices for the common good of all creation’.

Political leadership of the highest quality is needed. Individuals can only do things on a small scale and many of us are, but effective national and international action is desperately needed.

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