Daily morning and evening prayer

Morning Prayer at 8.30am
Evening Prayer at 4pm
in the Holy Spirit Chapel

Each morning and Evening we pray the Daily Offices. These short services of prayer and readings provide a way of formalising our practice of devotion. The offices help to keep God at the forefront of our minds, and bring us courage to both face and address the world’s challenges with the knowledge that God is with us. They are a beautiful and calming way to both begin and end your day.

Holy communion

Celebrating the Eucharist together

We celebrate the Eucharist at the Cathedral 7 days a week. Visitors are always welcome.

Monday to Friday, there are two services for Holy Communion: one at 7.00am, and one at 12.30pm. Both of these are approximately 30 minutes in duration, take place in the Holy Spirit chapel, and are lovely, quiet spoken services to help bring the wonder of the sacrament into the thread of your daily activities. Come before work, or during lunch, to meet Christ in the bread and wine.

On Saturdays we have one Holy Communion service, held at 7.00am as above.

On Sundays we have three opportunities to partake in the Eucharist:

Firstly, at 7.30am there is a spoken service with hymns, which lasts approximately an hour. This is followed by morning tea and fellowship.

Next, at 9.30am, there is a sung Mass, which features one of our splendid choirs 11 months of the year (February - December). This service adheres to the Anglo-Catholic tradition and is wonderfully transformative. There is also Children’s Ministry for the younger ones. This service usually finishes at approximately 11am, and is also followed by morning tea and a gathering of community.

Lastly, there is a spoken service in the Holy Spirit chapel at 5pm, preceded by afternoon tea from 4pm.

evensong + mid-week evensong

Musical reflections at the day's end

The Office of Evensong is a time-honoured Anglican tradition of sung evening prayer. Evensong takes place at the Cathedral every Sunday at 6pm, and also on the first Wednesday of each month, also at 6pm. Each week we have a different iteration of our Cathedral choir, who consistently provide uplifting music to keep us elevated for the week ahead.

contemplative eucharist

Meeting God in the Silence

On the second Wednesday of each month, a Contemplative, or Meditative Eucharist is held in the Sanctuary. Beginning at 5.30pm with silent meditation, and then continuing on at 6pm with an intimate service full of poetic prayers, incense, and the space to be quiet and relax more deeply into God’s embrace.

Children's ministry

Children are an important part of the worshipping community at St John's. We love and enjoy the spontaneity and life that they bring with them when they come to worship and when they come as visitors.

The playpen, toys and colouring-in table in the west end of the cathedral near the shop are a permanent part of the cathedral life. They are there for children to use at anytime they wish.

Sunday Mornings

Children of all ages are invited to join us on Sundays at 9.30am. During the 9.30am service on Sundays we meet by the playpen to talk, listen to stories and 'do' craft. We have fun with paper, cardboard, stickers, play dough, junk and sometimes even food! Parents are welcome to come if needed and children are free to spend as much or as little of the service as they wish in the children's area. Children often help take the gifts up in the offertory procession and everyone is encouraged to go up to receive either communion or a blessing.

Special interactive liturgies for children take place on Christmass Eve, Good Friday and several other times during the year. Children of any age are invited with friends and family to join us for worship, music and fun.

Cathedral Play Area

The Cathedral Play area is available for families to use at all times.

For further information or to join the Children's Ministry mailing list please contact the Reverend Dr Ann Solari: [email protected] or 0424 423 972