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Centre for Coins, Culture and Religious History

The Centre for Coins, Culture and Religious History Foundation is a unique ministry of the Cathedral.
The research and teaching work of the Foundation is based on a substantial collection of coins and other artefacts. The collection currently consists of 2,225 coins together with around 375 medals, medallions and tokens. In addition, there are smaller sets of relevant objects including seals (bullae), figurines, ceramics, manuscripts, books and icons. This rich set of materials is augmented by an extensive set of numismatic reference works and related historical literature.
111 of the coins are on display in the Cathedral. The Cathedral collection can be viewed in this book which can be purchased from the Cathedral Shop or downloaded as a PDF by clicking the image.
The Centre has a primary focus on preservation, exhibition, study and publication of coins, icons, manuscripts and other documents relevant to religious history. Its collection is gradually being published online as a resource for educators another researchers. In particular, the Centre is developing exhibitions and sets of teaching materials for us in schools and parishes, as well as curriculum materials that draw on the the collection.
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