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An ecumenical community making space for gathering and worshipping God online!

Whether seasoned Christians or seekers, Holy Hermits Online offers people a place to gather, engage in worship and offer their ministry gifts in the building up of God’s Kingdom online. At HHO we believe that no one should miss out on being part of the Body of Christ because of their circumstances. That’s why we seek to make Church accessible for all people.

We hope to outreach to people who don’t currently have access to Church community, so they can grow in faith as we gather on Zoom in the name of God and in the memory of the Holy Hermits.

Our community is made up of people from many places, with different gifts to offer, so at HHO we seek to enable every member to live out their faith online together at worship, in Study groups, Hermitage Care Groups and in the rest of their lives.

The Body of Christ is made up of many parts, all offering different threads to the tapestry that makes the Church. The thread that HHO offers is a purely online community experience accessible to everyone, everywhere. All are welcome to sign up or become members, both for short and long term community engagement.

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Our Featured Holy Hermit is St Julian of Norwich.

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