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The Domestic Abuse Working Group has been established to raise awareness within the Cathedral community to promote a clear message that Gender-Based violence will not be tolerated.

The aims of the Domestic Abuse Working group are: 

  • To end current victimisation and perpetration of domestic abuse.
  • To disseminate information to the Cathedral community on the current knowledge about domestic abuse as received from practitioners and researchers in this field.
  • To empower people in the Cathedral community to help victims or perpetrators, not as domestic violence workers, but to listen and act as links to support for domestic abuse.
  • To explore and liaise with other Anglican groups/agencies who may be engaged in activities associated with domestic abuse.

November 2021 Update

St John’s Cathedral Domestic Abuse Working Group displayed a range of information in the cathedral. The group will continue to bring to light the issue of family violence, ensuring that every one of us says no to violent and abusive behaviour.

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