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Wednesday 7th June, 9:30-11:30am
Adam Leslie from The Sycamore Tree Project

Adam Leslie is the administrator of this prison Fellowship International program that brings crime victims and prisoners together to focus on the impact of crime. It goes further than the court system in making prisoners understand the long term effects of their crimes – something that can break the cycle of crime. Prison psychologists and management have commented that Sycamore is the most effective program they have seen for both crime victims and criminal offenders. Victims are given the opportunity to consider ways in which they can take control of their lives and begin their journey toward healing and restoration. Adam will speak about his experience of the power of this project for turning lives around and its capacity for positive healing outcomes for both perpetrator and victim. As usual the morning will begin with a time of prayer and reflection in the Lady Chapel before moving to the Darnell Room for the presentation and discussion at 10:15am.

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Coming up in June ... The Rev’d Jenny Simson on Brother Lawrence

Down the ages there have been those who enlighten us with a fresh vision of God. These are the voices that stir our imaginations; shake our comfortable perceptions and whose lives witness to the Spirit in their time. Continuing this series from 2016, we seek to revisit the teachings of some of those who have shaped our tradition in radical ways and see how they may speak afresh to us today. After the service we gather in the West End of the cathedral to share a discussion with the guest preacher over refreshments.

Cologne Philharomica prEsents "BETREFF"

Wednesday 21st June, 7.30pm

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labyrinth walks

Journey to the Centre (and back again)

In the midst of our busy lives the labyrinth offers a time for reflection and renewal, a time to pray, or just “to be”. Walk it with an open mind
and an open heart.

Make the journey in to the centre and return to the world refreshed. Our labyrinth at St John's is a 7-circuit, modified Chartres pattern - a canvas labyrinth created by Cedar Prest of Adelaide - and contains
at its centre the symbol of St John: the eagle.

At various times during the year we offer 'group' walks where you can join with others in a themed walk with prayer/meditation cards.

(Coffee On Wednesdays)
English conversation classes

A Gathering of Community

Each Wednesday, from 10am to 2pm, we hold free morning tea to which everyone is invited. Come and enjoy a cuppa and spend some time in a welcoming space with a vibrant and friendly community.

On Wednesday afternoons, from 2.00 - 3.30pm we hold free English conversation classes for people who are interested in improving their English speaking skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Come and drop in anytime, or call 3835 2222 for more information.