Where is St John's?


to St John's Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane

St John's Cathedral is home to a community which seeks to bring the best of Anglican tradition into dialogue with the issues and needs of our day.

We strive for open-minded conversation, seek to practice inclusion, and reflect on how we might see our beliefs put into action. We want this to be a place where people are encouraged to seek God and progress their own spiritual journeys.

The cathedral itself, a renowned Brisbane landmark, serves as a magnet, where diverse people gather to worship, celebrate, seek solace, converse and learn.

Peter Catt
Dean of Brisbane


Come, Holy Spirit,
creator, and renew the face of the earth.

Come, Holy Spirit, counsellor,
and touch our lips that we may proclaim your word.

Come, Holy Spirit, power from on high:
make us agents of peace and ministers of wholeness.

Come, Holy Spirit, breath of God,
give life to the dry bones of this exiled age, and make us a living people, holy and free.

Come, Holy Spirit, wisdom and truth:
strengthen us in the risk of faith.

Come, Holy Spirit, come.

St John's Cathedral, 373 Ann Street, Brisbane, Qld, Australia. Open for visitors from 9.30am-4.30pm daily.