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Thank you for visiting St John’s Cathedral’s events page.  Here you will find information about concerts, seminars, workshops, special church services, short-term exhibitions and community events taking place at the Cathedral or in the Cathedral Precinct. On this page, items will generally be presented with imminent or current events at the top of the page, and longer-running or future events beneath. Please see the sidebox below left for more information.

(When not in Lockdown) During the COVID-19 crisis the Cathedral is closed other than as listed below.

Holy Eucharist, 7.30am
Holy Eucharist, 9.30am
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Choral Evensong, 6pm

Monday to Friday
Morning Prayer, 8.30am
Private prayer, 11am to 2pm
Evening Prayer, 4pm

Eucharist, 7am
Tuesday and Friday

Eucharist, 12.30pm
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Prayer During the Day, 12.30pm
Monday and Thursday.

Cathedral Shop Open
Sundays (following the 7.30am and 9.30am services), Monday to Friday 11am  to 2pm

We are live-streaming our 7.30am Eucharist, 9.30am Choral Eucharist and 6pm Evensong Services each Sunday
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St John’s YouTube Channel

Check below for the status of other offerings, many of which will be offered online

Full Vaccination required to attend the 7.30am Eucharist on Sunday 

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Sundays May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
3.45pm – 4.45pm

The Queensland Government has designated May as Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month. This month is set aside as a time to particularly focus on the causes and prevention of domestic and family violence and abuse. 

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In the Anglican Church Southern Queensland (ACSQ) our own Domestic and Family Violence Working Group supports the role of the National Group, overseeing the development of policy and resources such as these studies.

Each of the 5 sessions in this study relates to the lectionary readings for the corresponding Sunday, and each session is complete.

The sessions are:

  • Week 1: Afraid to speak, afraid to listen 
  • Week 2: The Bystander Effect
  • Week 3: Susanna and the Elders
  • Week 4:  Sitting with the Bones
  • Week 5: Close: The Trinity and Headship 

Attending via Zoom:
Use either this Zoom link (video/audio) or phone (07) 3185 3730, enter Meeting ID: 865 2657 7724#, Passcode: 847471# and then Participant ID: #.

Brian McLaren: We make the road by walking

10.00am Wednesdays
May 11, 18 and 25
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We Make the Road by Walking is a book of reflections on the Bible, each one easily read aloud in ten to twelve minutes. Working with the framework of the church year, they provide a Genesis-to-Revelation overview of the Bible that can be used in a variety of ways: a year of church services, a year of weekly dinner-dialogue gatherings, a year of classes or online interactions, a series of retreats, or simply a rich reading experience.

Explore what it means to be alive in the way of Christ – reading, praying, meditating, discussing and acting our way through God’s word to us, the Bible.

The study will be in the Darnell Room  and on Zoom.

To join via Zoom
Click here to join the Zoom conversation
By phone – 07 3185 3730, enter Meeting ID: 827 3100 5587#, Passcode: 211079# and then Participant ID: #.

Experience classical music like never before

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Candlelight concerts are a unique musical and sensorial experience created by the stunning ambience of candlelight. These concerts allow you to enjoy some of the most famous works of classical music in a completely new way and in various spectacular locations.

This series of candlelit concerts will feature some of history’s most renowned composers—such as Beethoven, Mozart and Vivaldi—alongside prestigious contemporary composers such as Ludovico Einaudi, Ennio Morricone and Hans Zimmer.



Available by appointment during the COVID-19 Crisis

Following the example of Jesus, and his explicit instructions to his disciples, the ministry of healing for any kind of disease or distress is an integral part of the proclamation and application of the Gospel of compassion.

It is administered by the “Laying on of Hands with prayer” by a priest gently touching the head or shoulders of the person in need. No questions are asked although a person may, if they wish, give their name or a brief description of their concern. It is perfectly acceptable, even encouraged, to receive this ministry on behalf of another who cannot be present.

Those who wish to receive this ministry are invited to make their way to the Lady Chapel (north side of the Cathedral) following the reception of Communion.

The Ministry of Laying on of Hands with Anointing is also available at other times, including after each act of worship. Please contact the Cathedral Office.

What is ‘Spiritual Direction’ …?

Spiritual direction is about making a space for God in your life. Contrary to the name, Spiritual Direction is not about being ‘directed’, it is being encouraged to draw closer to God in a more conscious experience of God’s presence, grace and love in your daily life.

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In the midst of life we often find it difficult to notice God’s action within it. And yet we yearn to be able to discern the presence and the voice of God at a deeper level. In the practice of Spiritual Direction you are given the time and space to reflect on the experiences of your daily living, and as this contemplation takes place, you begin to discern God’s invitations and the work God is doing in your life.

Click here to read: ‘What is Spiritual Direction?’

Spiritual Direction sessions are now available at the Cathedral. To find out more, please contact Glynis by email

~ a ‘taster’ program!

EfM can be summed up as Exploring Faith Matters! It is formational and transformational for Christian life and ministry. We do EfM in small groups led by trained mentors. Through individual study, sharing discoveries and exploring our faith together, we learn to think theologically. We connect what we come to know of the Christian tradition with our ordinary daily activities.

The 2018 EfM group developed a ‘taster’ program for 2019, to introduce newcomers with sample sessions over several weeks. These sessions are held in St Martin’s House at 6.00pm. To find out more, please call the Cathedral Office on 3835 2222 during business hours.


Offsite events, particular theme days/weeks or festivals which might be of wider interest are more likely to be found in the GENERAL NEWS section on the home page of this website.  This is not a hard-and-fast rule: we will be keeping an eye on the dispersal of information across this new website, to try to minimise the number of clicks and cross-reference links needed.

Regarding links, some of the events featured here (and on the home page) may require registration, ticketing or booking fees. Where this is the case, either the event image or a specific text link should take you to the relevant (external) website for more details.

Please note that St John’s Cathedral provides such information in good faith and cannot be responsible for the veracity or otherwise of such links. If you find a link is broken or are concerned about its redirection, please contact the Cathedral office during business hours, 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, or by email 

Picture Book Workshop
Call of the Eastern Curlew
Sunday 29th, 1pm

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A fun and interactive picture book workshop will be held as part of the Safe Harbour Art Exhibition.
This activity is suitable for young people who would like to learn about writing and illustrating storybooks.
The workshop will focus on the picture book ‘The Call Of The Far Eastern Curlew’ written by local author Katrina Logan and illustrated by Geoff Logan (Katrina’s brother in law).
This storybook follows the adventures of a young main character Parker and an eastern curlew (the world’s largest migratory shorebird) in some well known places on Brisbane’s bayside.
All materials will be provided to participants in this picture book workshop.
Katrina regularly does author visits to schools and kindergartens. Geoff works as a school teacher when he is not illustrating books for Katrina.

Wednesday 1st June

The Rev’d Samuel Dow
Supporting men in their transition to fatherhood at Mater Hospital


Since the mid 1970s most maternity hospitals in Australia made a significant cultural shift in allowing ‘Dads-to-be’ into birthing suites for the first time.

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Since then, and among other social changes, there has been a developing and active involvement of men in the lives of their children with today seeing many men becoming the primary caregivers of their children.  Research has shown that actively engaged fathers from the time of birth increases bonding between baby and father, reduces family violence and in turn promotes happier and more resilient children. 

Samuel will speak of his work at Mater Hospital as a Pastoral Care Practitioner and in particular his work and passion in supporting dads in their new role.  This includes his involvement in the development of resources for Mater on this topic as well as hosting weekly ‘Dads Sessions’ on the postnatal wards.

This event will be held in person and on Zoom and will begin with a short prayer service at 9.30am.  Following that, people are encouraged to get a cup of coffee or tea and we will then join Samuel for discussion at 10.10am. 

To join via Zoom, use either this Zoom link (video/audio)
By phone – 07 3185 3730
enter Meeting ID: 823 3447 0652#

Participant ID: #.

St John’s Cathedral Community
Visioning and Planning Day
Saturday 11 June 2022





The world around St John’s shifts and grows, as do we….

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As we continue to move through the COVID pandemic, we take the opportunity to reflect, explore, and make choices about who, where and how to minister and to be.

You are invited to gather with others to explore the question:
In what ways can we be a source of hope and transformation in a topsy-turvy world?

Join Dean Peter Catt and members of the Cathedral Chapter and Council for this pivotal event to listen to the Holy Spirit and to each other and plan to make a difference.Please come to this get-together of people who want to make a difference to the world, the Cathedral and the community it touches. Through a creative, open process we will reflect on valued strands of ministry and define new areas of ministry and interaction.

Gather at the High Altar at 9am
and then until 4pm. Lunch will be provided.

Important Information: Children are most welcome to join the activity group!

If possible, please RSVP to Lisa Clarke, to assist with catering.

For more information please contact:
The Dean, Peter Catt, or phone 07 3835 2239.

Talking Circle Workshops
Michael Wood
From Saturday 11th June
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Book Launch: Wednesday 15th June, 2022.

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Register here:

Enquiries: Dean Peter Catt,
07 3835 2239

St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane, invites you to the launch of Michael Wood’s book (Forward by Peter Catt)

Books will be available for $30 (cash or credit card)

Tuesday Coffee
10.30am to 11.30am

Relax for an hour having a coffee and chat online with various members of the Cathedral community. Bring your coffee (or other preferred cuppa) and be welcomed into the conversation on Tuesdays from 10.30am

Click here to join via Zoom

By phone – (07) 3185 3730, enter Meeting ID: 885 952 546#, Passcode: 399344# and then Participant ID: #.

First Sunday of each Month at 11.15am

Walking the Labyrinth occurs on the first Sunday of each month following the 9.30am Eucharist. If you have not walked the Labyrinth before, you would be most welcome to join the group who regularly do so. Please join us to walk the Labyrinth – we meet under the Rose Window.

The path is always new, because,
as a spiritual discipline, the labyrinth
a path of contemplation,
reflection, prayer …
Beneath the surface, 
walking the labyrinth
is a profound discipline in listening,
in active silence, 
in finding movement
and rhythm in the stillneses underneath
and in 
between everyday’s noise.
Walking the labyrinth is an exercise
in finding 
the voice speaking in whispers
underneath the whirlwind of sound.

~ Travis Scholl, “Walking the Labyrinth –
A Place to Pray and Seek God” p.17, IVP Books, 2014

The Walks are also available as a YouTube Video
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May 1
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Click to view previous walks

No video available
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March 6
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February 6
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January 2 2022
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December 5
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November 7
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October 3
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September 19 – Pride Sunday
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September 5
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July 4
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June 6
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May 2
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April 4
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March 7
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February 7
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January 3
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December 6
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November 15
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November 1
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October 6
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September 6
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August 2
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July 5
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June 7
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May 3
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The Journey 2021: God’s story, your story, my story.
Sundays, 4pm to 5pm
In Recess for Lent
via ZOOM

Those who want to take stock of their lives using a spiritual focus;  Those considering baptism for themselves or for their children;
Exploring the art of storytelling as a way to discern God’s call on our lives.

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Who is The Journey for?  
Those considering confirmation;  
Those who want to become an Anglican;  
Those wanting to discern some future direction for their life;
Those interested in unpacking the faith. 

What is the process?
The Christian faith is a way of life. Entering into a way of life requires reflection.
Christians are people who seek to live out the way of love. We seek to follow Jesus who,  in his own life, demonstrated that we were made by God, who is love, for love. God’s  love gives us the energy to love in turn. Since we are made for love, we each have a  purpose. The Journey exists to enable people to discover what this truth means for  them.
The process aims to give people the space to test and then find their own way into this  way of life. It takes what has happened in life to this point seriously. We believe that by  reflecting on our life-story we discover how God has been at work in our lives since  before we were born, and also identify ways in which we, as unique people, are to  respond to this. We discover the way in which God’s love for us can shape our  relationships, inform our motives, and help us find deep happiness.  

How does it work?  
By allowing those involved to ask questions, to talk over issues, share insights and to  learn about specific areas that interest them. This takes place within small groups.  

Why this way?  
We learn most effectively when we are seeking answers to questions that matter to us. 

Attending via Zoom:
Click to Join Zoom
or your phone – 07 3185 3730, enter Meeting ID: 894 0003 0380#
, Passcode: 885493# and then Participant ID: #.  

For more information please contact:
The Dean, Peter Catt, or phone 3835 2239.

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Come and be part of Reconciliation Week 2022 Discussion on the importance of Languages for First Nations Peoples.

Languages are the breath of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, making it vital to raise awareness of the importance of Indigenous languages across the country.

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples, languages are not just a means of communication, they express knowledge about everything: law, geography, history, family and human relationships, philosophy, religion, anatomy, childcare, health, caring for country, astronomy, biology and food.

Each language is associated with an area of land and has a deep spiritual significance, and it is through their own languages that Indigenous nations maintain their connection with their ancestors, land and law.

In the late eighteenth century, around 250 distinct Indigenous language groups covered the continent. Today only around 120 of those languages are still spoken and many are at risk of being lost as Elders pass on.

There’s a pressing need to raise awareness in communities and ‘shine the spotlight’ on programs that revitalise and record Indigenous languages and ensure they are passed on to the next generation before it is too late.

Aunty Rose Elu
2021 Queensland Senior Australian of the Year, Aunty Dr Rose Elu was born on the low-lying island of Saibai in the Torres Strait. In 1949 her people moved to the tip of Australia, to an island now known as Seisia that was given to them by the Aboriginal people of the Cape. She is a member of the ACSQ Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group; a Synod Representative for the Torres Strait Non-Geographic Parish; and an Executive Member of National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council (NATSIAC); She has a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Political Science from the University of Queensland before completing her PhD on Customary Law at the University of Hawaii and further post graduate studies in Theology at St Francis College.

Gaja Kerry Charlton
Gaja Kerry is an elder of the Go’enpul Tribe, and a Traditional Owner of Yuggera, Quandamooka (Moreton Bay) and Kabi Kabi country north to the Sunshine Coast and has traditional ties to the Gulf area. Raised in a big extended family across her coastal and mainland country Gaja Kerry is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother who values her faith, family and community. She is a teacher, facilitator and researcher of family and community history whose love of her old people, culture, country and stories lit her heart to follow their wishes to have language spoken properly and fluently again.

Des Crump
My family and cultural links are from South-West Queensland, which is the top end of the Gamilaroi Nation. I established Dhinawun Consultancy which works on curriculum development, Aboriginal language and cultural studies programs, professional development for school staff as well as school-community partnerships. For the past 13 years, I have been the Indigenous Languages Researcher for the State Library of Queensland (SLQ) to coordinate and support activities under the SLQ Indigenous Languages Strategy. Within this role, my research activities include making the State Library collections more accessible and discoverable for community language workers, community members and the general public. In September 2021, I took on the role of Industry Fellow (Indigenous Languages) within the School of Languages and Cultures at the University of Queensland in their recently established Centre of Indigenous Languages. I will still be working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages developing and delivering programs for community language workers; something that has been missing in Queensland and it is an exciting new opportunity.

RSVP by May 29

Book Here

Presented by The ACSQ RAP Working Group.
This event will be recorded for online publication later. Please contact us if you would like the link to the video.

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“We are made of many threads, brought together which compose our identity and experience.” – Jody Rallah

Join this weaving circle workshop where artist Jody Rallah will guide us as we engage with fibres, learn about the history of First Nations weaving practice and make your piece of weaving.

Jody Rallah is a descendant of the Biri Gubba, Yuggera and Warangu peoples, who works across object making, sculptural installation, painting, sound and performance to create knowledge vessels as embodiments of living histories.

Free Workshop. Join this lunch time weaving workshop over 2 sessions as part of Reconciliation Week Celebrations. All materials will be supplied. You are welcomed to bring your lunch to this relaxed and creative space to enjoy our time together.

RSVP: By May 31st. There are limited numbers for this workshop, so bookings are essential.

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Presented by The ACSQ RAP Working Group.

Free morning concerts
Thursday June 2
Conservatorium Outreach: Brass Department

Thursdays, 2.30pm-3.30pm

Every week we host English conversation classes in the Darnell Room, in which our wonderful team of volunteers assist people who would like to practise their English speaking skills. We are also seeking more volunteers to help. You don’t need any special qualifications at all, just a patient and friendly demeanour and the urge to help others. Please contact the Cathedral office on 3835 2222.

10.00am – 2pm

Every Wednesday 10.00am Good friends, good food, great conversation.

Please feel ‘mooved’ to join us at our regular COWS (Coffee on Wednesdays) gatherings between 10am and 2pm.

Acoustic Cathedral
13 February 2022
(Note change of date)

Dr. Michael Knopf is a concert guitarist and composer, a dedicated teacher and a music researcher from the United States residing in Southeast Queensland, Australia…. 

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The Acoustic Cathedral experience is not a recital but an aural aesthetic assistance to help drain away stress/anxiety/pain for all comers. Michael would love to see people of all walks of life, status and condition benefit. He will be playing some original music, classical guitar repertoire and improvisations, each piece aesthetically modified to encourage a relaxed engagement and to impart the sense of beauty, colour and other-worldliness that we sometimes experience within ourselves as we are immersed in better thoughts and feelings. Michael’s CDs will be available for purchase after the session.

Mystics, Theologians and God-Botherers
Raimon Panikka

Sunday 5th June

The Rev’d Sue Grimmett will talk about Raimon Panikka. Catholic priest, theologian and scholar of comparative religion, Panikka was a mystic in the sense of one who, recognising that the divine is beyond rational thought, seeks union with this transcendent reality through prayer, contemplation and loving surrender.

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Born in Barcelona to a Catalan mother and Indian father, Panikka already brought different cultural lenses to his catholic faith, but it was only after he visited India that he deeply embraced other expressions of spiritual wisdom. He famously stated, “I left Europe as a Christian and found myself a Hindu, and returned as a Buddhist without ever having ceased to be a Christian.” Panikka believed that Christ could be found everywhere, in diverse languages and cultures, and that it is in surrendering to the mystery of the divine rather than seeking to monopolise it, that the tribalisms of Christianity may be overcome. 

This event will be held ‘in person’ in the Cathedral, over YouTube and Zoom. Evensong will be ‘in person’ at 6pm in the Cathedral and will also be accessible at 6pm on our YouTube channel. Sue will talk about Raimon Panikka in her sermon as part of Evensong.  From about 7pm we will join together in person in the Cathedral and via Zoom for discussion with Sue. To join via Zoom, use either this Zoom link (video/audio) or your phone – (07) 3185 3730, enter Meeting ID: 768 010 419#, Passcode: 267366# and then Participant ID: #.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebratory Service
Sunday 5th June, 2pm

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This service of thanksgiving for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will be offered in the Presence of The Governor of Queensland, Her Excellency the Honourable Dr Jeannette Young PSM
The service will be followed by refreshments
All Welcome
On 6th February this year Her Majesty The Queen became the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of service to the people of the United Kingdom, Australia and the Commonwealth.
To celebrate this unprecedented anniversary, we are hosting this Service of Thanksgiving which will coincide with the main celebrations of the Queen’s reign in the UK.
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Wine before Breakfast

The First Friday of Every Month
Next: May 6

End the week well with an early Eucharist in the Holy Spirit Chapel followed by breakfast at a local cafe. The short Eucharistic service will include contemporary reflections on issues of justice and peace and prayers for our communities and our world that reflect recent events of the week.
We will then head to a nearby cafe for conversation with good friends, great coffee and cooked breakfast. All are welcome, with a cost of around $10* for the breakfast (*for those who can afford it).

Fridays at 10.30am.

Join Cathedral community member and “self-discovered” medieval and liturgical historian Blair Martin, leading interested folk in reflections and discussion on how we connect the ancient stories and rituals of Feast Days to the world of 2020, developing a sense of purpose & meaning for our disrupted and changed lives. Along the way the focus will also be on matters of social justice and our call to be “Saints on a Mission”, living out the Great Commission – to be “Easter People” living in the Resurrection and bringing the good news of the gospel to the lives of those around us.

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To join the discussion, use either this Zoom link

or phone (07) 3185 3730, enter:
Meeting ID: 966 2167 6899#
Passcode: 787645#
Participant ID: #.



The Appellate Tribunal found that there is nothing in the Constitution of the Church that would prevent the blessing of any marriage solemnised by a civil celebrant. Synod passed a resolution that noted these findings and invited the Diocese to explore the implications for the future.

Christian Meditation Group
Tuesday evening

The Mediation Group is now meeting again in the Cathedral and also by Zoom.

To join by Zoom please either:
Click this Link
To join by phone ring (07) 3185 3730 and enter these details:
Meeting ID: 278 417 931#
Passcode: 042853#


Each Week we provide two video talks for Children. These appear on the Cathedral’s Facebook page and YouTube Channel on Thursday and Sunday mornings at 9.30am. The talks encourage and enable engagement with the Christian narrative and the themes and festivals associated with the Church Year. Many of the talks have resources associated with them.

Click here for The Cathedral FaceBook page

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