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Thank you for visiting St John’s Cathedral’s events page.  Here you will find information about concerts, seminars, workshops, special church services, short-term exhibitions and community events taking place at the Cathedral or in the Cathedral Precinct. On this page, items will generally be presented with imminent or current events at the top of the page, and longer-running or future events beneath. Please see the sidebox below left for more information.

During the COVID-19 crisis there will be no public Services after Monday 23rd March.

We are live-streaming our Choral Eucharist and Evensong Services each Sunday
Here is the link:

St John’s YouTube Channel

Check below for the status of other offerings, many of which will be offered online

Lenten Quiet Morning

My Ears are Marked for Obedience
Saturday April 4, 9.00-12.30pm

 Jane Francis, Cathedral Community member, Formation Student and a member of the Pastoral Care Team at The Mater Hospital, will lead us as we take some time reflect on the Lenten Journey. Jane will help us explore the theme, ‘My Ears are Marked for Obedience’ – what does this mean for us in an age of individual choice. Who and what are we listening to? How do we listen? What do we do with what we hear?

Because of the COVID-19 crisis the Quiet Day will be offered via Zoom and phone.
To join by Zoom Click Here. To join by phone ring 02 8015 6011
Meeting ID: 874 938 288

Our Lenten Studies will be continuing.
We are providing the opportunity to join these using Zoom (the internet) or a phone.
Access details appear in each of the notices below.

Engaging the Gospel
Using a technique known as the African Bible Study we will explore how the Gospel reading for each Sunday in Lent touches our lives and reflect on what it might be asking of us.

Sundays March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 and April 5 following the 9.30am Liturgy

To join by Zoom Click Here. To join by phone ring 02 8015 6011
Meeting ID:
211 868 230

Climate Change and the Purposes of God
Climate change puts many questions to us as human beings and particular questions to us as Christians:
How does the faith of Jesus relate to the questions posed by climate change?
What does it mean to see nature as ‘God’s creation’?
What is our relationship to the rest of nature?
If human actions are changing our climate, does that matter?
Given that the effects of human-induced climate change may be very damaging, who  is responsible?
What are our responsibilities to!people in other countries and to those not yet born?
What are our responsibilities to the many species that may become extinct? What does justice require of us?
How do we handle our fears and vulnerabilities and uncertainties?

Join The Dr Rev’d Graham Warren to explore these questions.

Wednesdays: March 11, 18, 25, April 8 and 15, 10am to 11.30am.

To join by Zoom Click Here. To join by phone ring 02 8015 6011
Meeting ID: 247 018 201

Saying Yes to Life: The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book
Join Bishop Bill Ray to explore the themes of light, water, land, the seasons, other creatures, humankind, Sabbath rest and resurrection hope to matters of environmental, ethical and social concern.
Sundays March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 and April 5.
3.30pm to 4.30pm

To join by Zoom Click Here. To join by phone ring 02 8015 6011
Meeting ID: 151 849 666

The Heart of it All:The Bible’s Big Picture
Join The Rev’d Kate Ross to engage with Samuel Wells’ method of simplifying the Bible’s complexity and to look presents at the sweep of the Bible’s narrative in eighteen key themes.

Tuesday Evenings following the Mediation Group, 7.30pm to 8.30pm
To join by Zoom Click Here. To join by phone ring 02 8015 6011
Meeting ID: 278 417 931

Thursday mornings 10.30am to 11.30am (Followed by Meditation)
To join by Zoom Click Here. To join by phone ring 02 8015 6011
Meeting ID: 846 730 266


Available by appointment during the COVID-19 Crisis

Following the example of Jesus, and his explicit instructions to his disciples, the ministry of healing for any kind of disease or distress is an integral part of the proclamation and application of the Gospel of compassion.

It is administered by the “Laying on of Hands with prayer” by a priest gently touching the head or shoulders of the person in need. No questions are asked although a person may, if they wish, give their name or a brief description of their concern. It is perfectly acceptable, even encouraged, to receive this ministry on behalf of another who cannot be present.

Those who wish to receive this ministry are invited to make their way to the Lady Chapel (north side of the Cathedral) following the reception of Communion.

The Ministry of Laying on of Hands with Anointing is also available at other times, including after each act of worship. Please contact the Cathedral Office.


Labyrinth walks will resume after the COVID-19 pandemic

Walking the Labyrinth occurs on the first Sunday of each month following the 9.30am Eucharist. If you have not walked the Labyrinth before, you would be most welcome to join the group who regularly do so. Please join us to walk the Labyrinth – we meet under the Rose Window.

The path is always new, because,
as a spiritual discipline, the labyrinth
a path of contemplation,
reflection, prayer …
Beneath the surface, 
walking the labyrinth
is a profound discipline in listening,
in active silence, 
in finding movement
and rhythm in the stillneses underneath
and in 
between everyday’s noise.
Walking the labyrinth is an exercise
in finding 
the voice speaking in whispers
underneath the whirlwind of sound.

~ Travis Scholl, “Walking the Labyrinth –
A Place to Pray and Seek God” p.17, IVP Books, 2014

What is ‘Spiritual Direction’ …?

Spiritual direction is about making a space for God in your life. Contrary to the name, Spiritual Direction is not about being ‘directed’, it is being encouraged to draw closer to God in a more conscious experience of God’s presence, grace and love in your daily life.

In the midst of life we often find it difficult to notice God’s action within it. And yet we yearn to be able to discern the presence and the voice of God at a deeper level. In the practice of Spiritual Direction you are given the time and space to reflect on the experiences of your daily living, and as this contemplation takes place, you begin to discern God’s invitations and the work God is doing in your life.

Spiritual Direction sessions are now available at the Cathedral. To find out more, please contact Glynis by email

~ a ‘taster’ program!

EfM can be summed up as Exploring Faith Matters! It is formational and transformational for Christian life and ministry. We do EfM in small groups led by trained mentors. Through individual study, sharing discoveries and exploring our faith together, we learn to think theologically. We connect what we come to know of the Christian tradition with our ordinary daily activities.

The 2018 EfM group developed a ‘taster’ program for 2019, to introduce newcomers with sample sessions over several weeks. These sessions are held in St Martin’s House at 6.00pm. To find out more, please call the Cathedral Office on 3835 2222 during business hours.


Offsite events, particular theme days/weeks or festivals which might be of wider interest are more likely to be found in the GENERAL NEWS section on the home page of this website.  This is not a hard-and-fast rule: we will be keeping an eye on the dispersal of information across this new website, to try to minimise the number of clicks and cross-reference links needed.

Regarding links, some of the events featured here (and on the home page) may require registration, ticketing or booking fees. Where this is the case, either the event image or a specific text link should take you to the relevant (external) website for more details.

Please note that St John’s Cathedral provides such information in good faith and cannot be responsible for the veracity or otherwise of such links. If you find a link is broken or are concerned about its redirection, please contact the Cathedral office during business hours, 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, or by email 

The COVID-19 Pandemic is preventing us from gathering for worship.

The following acts of worship will be accessible through
The Cathedral YouTube Channel
View live or as a recording

PALM SUNDAY, 5th April
9.30am Liturgy of Palms and Eucharist
6pm Choral Evensong

7pm The Maundy Liturgy

GOOD FRIDAY, 10th April
Noon Liturgy of the Day
7pm Musical Devotion, The Stabat Mater sequence, composed by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

8.30am Morning Prayer (Zoom only – Click here to Join via Zoom)

EASTER DAY, 11th April
5.30am The Vigil Eucharist
6pm Choral Evensong

The view live or as a recording follow this link to:
The Cathedral YouTube Channel

April 5, 6pm Join by Zoom

Come and join us! Canon Bruce Boase will be the guest preacher at Choral Evensong on 5 April 2020, from 6pm
Hear Canon Bruce speak about his relationship with Bob Dylan and Paul Simon and how they have influenced his own spiritual journey.
There will be a time of discussion after the service.

To View the service at 6pm Click here

To join the conversation from 7pm by Zoom Click Here.      To join by phone ring 02 8015 6011       Meeting ID: 768 010 419

LADY DAY 25th March 10am

Celebrate the Annunciation to Mary and the ministry of The Mothers’ Union.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this service will be live-streamed from the closed Cathedral. It will also be available as a recording.

Follow this link to the Cathedral YouTube Channel

Liturgy Booklet

The remainder of the 2020 Lenten Series has been cancelled due to COVID-19

Lenten Labyrinth Walks

Sadly these have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Acoustic Cathedral
Second Wednesdays, 5.30pm

These will resume after the COVID-19 pandemic

A new offering for 2020, held on the second Wednesday of each month, 5.30pm to 6.20pm, leading into the Contemplative Eucharist.

Dr. Michael Knopf is a concert guitarist and composer, a dedicated teacher and a music researcher from the United States residing in Southeast Queensland, Australia. The Acoustic Cathedral experience is not a recital but an aural aesthetic assistance to help drain away stress/anxiety/pain for all comers. Michael would love to see people of all walks of life, status and condition benefit. He will be playing some original music, classical guitar repertoire and improvisations, each piece aesthetically modified to encourage a relaxed engagement and to impart the sense of beauty, colour and other-worldliness that we sometimes experience within ourselves as we are immersed in better thoughts and feelings. Michael’s CDs can be purchased from The Cathedral Shop.

Stations of the Cross

Cancelled due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Wine before Breakfast

Wine Before Breakfast will resume after the COVID-19 pandemic.

End the week well with an early Eucharist in the Holy Spirit Chapel followed by breakfast at a local cafe. The short Eucharistic service will include contemporary reflections on issues of justice and peace and prayers for our communities and our world that reflect recent events of the week.
We will then head to a nearby cafe for conversation with good friends, great coffee and cooked breakfast. All are welcome, with a cost of around $10* for the breakfast (*for those who can afford it).


The cushions chosen for the Christmass Season have a floral motif. The David Binns cushions are on display elsewhere in the Cathedral. So why flowers? When thinking about the Nativity and looking at our lovely cardboard figures I am struck by the fact that Mary is the only female character in the story. She is portrayed as Jesus’ mother and Joseph’s wife but rarely considered in her own right. Jesus is very much the central figure and Joseph is respected as a generous man who married the virgin Mary even though she was pregnant. The Magi arrive bearing gifts for the baby but did anyone think to bring a gift to Mary? It is such a tradition now to give flowers to the new mother both at the hospital and when they return home. So these are our flowers for Mary to congratulate and thank her for the amazing gift she has given us. These selected cushions will be on display through the summer holidays until late January.

Contemplative Eucharist
Second Wednesdays – 7.00pm
Not being offered during the COVID-19 crisis.

A gentle contemplative Eucharist including silence, song, bread and wine. Silent meditation from 6.30pm to 6.55pm.


COWS is not happening at present due to the Coronavirus.
Next status update will be delivered in Easter week.

Please feel ‘mooved’ to join us at our regular COWS (Coffee on Wednesdays) gatherings between 10.00am and 2.00pm ~ followed by free English conversation sessions between 2.00pm to 3.00pm. Good friends, good food and great conversation all round.

Wednesdays, 2.00pm-3.00pm

English Conversations are not happening at present due to the Coronavirus.
Next status update will be delivered in Easter week.

Every week we host English conversation classes in the Darnell Room, in which our wonderful team of volunteers assist people who would like to practise their English speaking skills. We are also seeking more volunteers to help. You don’t need any special qualifications at all, just a patient and friendly demeanour and the urge to help others. Please contact the Cathedral office on 3835 2222.

Wednesday Evensong will not be offered during the COVID-19 crisis.
Sunday 6pm is available by live stream and is also recorded.

The concerts scheduled for April and May have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The situation will be reviewed in mid-May and an announcement about the June concert will appear here in due course.

Good Friday Musical Devotion
Friday 10 April 2020 – 7pm

 Stabat Mater sequence, composed by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi 

This event will be streamed on the Cathedral YouTube Channel

TWO Christian Meditation Groups
Tuesday evening + Thursday morning

During the COVID-19 crisis we are meeting by Zoom.

To join please use the following links:

Tuesday night:
To join by phone ring 02 8015 6011       Meeting ID: 278 417 931

Thursday morning
To join by phone ring 02 8015 6011       Meeting ID: 846 730266

Sadly we have had to postpone this year’s event due to the Coronavirus.
More to come

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