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Thank you for visiting St John’s Cathedral’s events page.  Here you will find information about concerts, seminars, workshops, special church services, short-term exhibitions and community events taking place at the Cathedral or in the Cathedral Precinct. On this page, items will generally be presented with imminent or current events at the top of the page, and longer-running or future events beneath. Please see the sidebox below left for more information.



Offsite events, particular theme days/weeks or festivals which might be of wider interest are more likely to be found in the GENERAL NEWS section on the home page of this website.  This is not a hard-and-fast rule: we will be keeping an eye on the dispersal of information across this new website, to try to minimise the number of clicks and cross-reference links needed.

Regarding links, some of the events featured here (and on the home page) may require registration, ticketing or booking fees. Where this is the case, either the event image or a specific text link should take you to the relevant (external) website for more details.

Please note that St John’s Cathedral provides such information in good faith and cannot be responsible for the veracity or otherwise of such links. If you find a link is broken or are concerned about its redirection, please contact the Cathedral office during business hours, 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, or email

First Sunday each month, after 9.30am

Walking the Labyrinth occurs on the first Sunday of each month following the 9.30am Eucharist. If you have not walked the Labyrinth before, you would be most welcome to join the group who regularly do so. Please join us to walk the Labyrinth – we meet under the Rose Window.

The path is always new, because,
as a spiritual discipline, the labyrinth
a path of contemplation,
reflection, prayer …
Beneath the surface, 
walking the labyrinth
is a profound discipline in listening,
in active silence, 
in finding movement
and rhythm in the stillneses underneath
and in 
between everyday’s noise.
Walking the labyrinth is an exercise
in finding 
the voice speaking in whispers
underneath the whirlwind of sound.

~ Travis Scholl, “Walking the Labyrinth –
A Place to Pray and Seek God” p.17, IVP Books, 2014


Here are the planned dates for the resumption of many of our services and core activities in the first quarter of 2018. Events are listed in chronological order and following each restart date (a reminder of the frequency of the event).


  • COWS (Coffee on Wednesdays)
    Wednesday 10th January (weekly)
  • Cathedral Choir
    Sunday 28th January
    (return from holidays)
  • English conversation classes
    Wednesday 31st January (weekly)
  • Mystics, Theologians & God-Botherers
    Sunday 4th February, 6.00pm (Evensong / monthly)
  • Cathedral Council
    Tuesday 6th February, 6.00pm (monthly)
  • Wasting Time with God
    Wednesday 7th February, 9.30am (monthly)
  • Choral Evensong
    Wednesday 7th February, 6.00pm
    (first Wednesday/month)
  • Contemplative Eucharist
    Wednesday 14th March, 5.30pm (Meditation / second Wednesdays)
    Wednesday 14th March, 6.00pm (Eucharist / second Wednesdays)
    (Note: Ash Wednesday Eucharist,
    14th February)
  • Free morning concerts
    Thursday 5th April, 11.00am
    (first Thursday/monthly)


Pilgrim is a six-week course which explores the great issues of faith not through persuasion but participation in a pattern of contemplation and discussion in the company of a small group of fellow travellers in a 90-minute session from 10.30am each Tuesday, 9th January to 13th February.

The Beatitudes are perhaps the most important, subversive and revolutionary text in the Bible. In order to follow Jesus and live the Christian life, we need to enter into the challenging but beautiful world of the Beatitudes, and this is what this Pilgrim course is all about.

Pilgrim will be held in Room 23,
St Martin’s House; come to the Darnell Room corner door and press the passageway buzzer. All resources for this course will be provided at no cost.

Contact Sue Wilton for more information by phone on 0413 108 584 or by email

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 7.00pm

In response to a request for a Memorial Service from a survivor of sexual abuse by a Church Worker the Anglican Church SQ engaged in a process of consultation with survivor support groups and agencies. These encouraged us to pursue the idea, with a number of agency and group representatives indicating that it could be a very significant offering to survivors of abuse, and to the families and friends of those who died by suicide.

The initial conversations also strongly and wisely advised that the event should be held after the Royal Commission had finished its public hearings to avoid any suggestion that the Church was simply trying to limit damage to its reputation during the hearing process. We heeded this advice and sought to leave time between the end of the hearings and the scheduling of this liturgy.

Originally a November 2017 date was agreed upon and advertised. Representations from survivor groups after this decision was made encouraged us to change the date to one that occurs well after the Royal Commission has reported. We are grateful for that wise counsel.

The Memorial Service will be held in
St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane on Thursday 8th March 2018 at 7.00pm.

For more information please contact the Dean, Peter Catt, by email or by phone on 07 3835 2239.

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