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May 10 – The Symphony of Service

If I, then—your Teacher and Sovereign—have washed your feet, you should wash each other’s feet. (John 13:14)

In the intricate world of a beehive, each bee plays a unique and vital role, working together in a symphony of purpose and cooperation. From the diligent worker bees to the nurturing queen, every member of the colony serves the greater good with humility and dedication. Their interdependence is a beautiful reflection of the interconnectedness of all life, a key principle in Franciscan spirituality.

Just as the bees labor together in selfless service, Jesus calls us to humble ourselves and care for one another. By washing his disciples’ feet, a task typically reserved for servants, Jesus demonstrates that true greatness lies in serving others with love and compassion. This act of humility invites us to recognise our shared humanity and to actively participate in the well-being of our community. As we embrace this spirit of service, we contribute to the harmony and flourishing of all creation, reflecting the divine love that binds us together.


1. How can I cultivate a heart of service, seeking opportunities to support and uplift others with humility and compassion?

2. In what ways can I contribute to the “hive” of my community, recognising the value of each person’s unique gifts and the importance of working together for the common good?


Gracious God, Help me to recognise the interdependence of all life and to play my part in the symphony of service and compassion. May my actions contribute to the flourishing of all creation, reflecting Your infinite love and grace.



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