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May 24 – Mercy’s Ripple

“Blessed are those who show mercy to others: they will be shown mercy.” (Matthew 5:7)

In the tranquil waters of a billabong, a single raindrop creates a ripple that expands outward, gently touching the lives of countless creatures. The water strider, dancing delicately on the surface tension, rides the ripple with grace and ease, while beneath the surface, the tiny freshwater shrimp is carried by the gentle wave that the drop creates. This simple act of a raindrop, in its humility and gentleness, brings life and sustenance to the entire ecosystem.

Franciscan spirituality recognises the spirit of mercy as a force that ripples outward. By extending mercy to others, we create a wave of compassion that touches not only the recipient but also those around them. Each act of kindness, forgiveness, and understanding sets in motion a chain reaction of grace, transforming lives and communities in ways we may never fully comprehend. In showing mercy, we open ourselves to receive mercy in return, fostering a world where compassion and kinship reign supreme.


1. How can I extend mercy and compassion to those I encounter today, both friend and stranger?

2. In what ways have I experienced the ripple effect of mercy in my own life, and how can I pay it forward?


Source of Mercy, as I contemplate the gentle ripple of the raindrop on the billabong, let me be reminded of the transformative power of compassion. Help me to be an instrument of your mercy, creating ripples of kindness and understanding that touch the lives of all I encounter.


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