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May 25 – The Echidna’s Lesson

The love of money is the root of all evil. Some people, in their passion for it, have strayed from the faith and have come to grief amid great pain. (1 Timothy 6:10)

The echidna, a unique and fascinating creature, embodies a profound lesson in simplicity and contentment. With its humble appearance and unassuming nature, the echidna quietly goes about its life, foraging for ants and termites, and adapting to the Australian environment. It does not seek to accumulate more than it needs, nor does it exploit the resources around it. Instead, the echidna lives in harmony with its surroundings, taking only what is necessary and leaving the rest for others. This way of life, rooted in simplicity and respect for creation, resonates deeply with the core principles of Franciscan spirituality. It serves as a powerful reminder that true happiness and fulfilment lie not in the relentless pursuit of wealth and possessions, but in living a life of moderation, gratitude, and reverence for all of God’s creation.


1. How can I cultivate a spirit of contentment and simplicity in my own life, learning from the example of the echidna?

2. In what ways can I resist the temptation to accumulate more than I need, and instead focus on living in harmony with others and the Earth?


Gracious God, may the echidna’s humble existence inspire me to seek a life of simplicity and contentment. Help me to resist the allure of greed and to find joy in living in harmony with all of Your creation.


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