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June 6 – Love’s Emergence

Beloved, let us love one another, because love is of God; everyone who loves is begotten of God and has knowledge of God.” 1 John 4:7

As the first rays of sunlight pierce the canopy of the eucalyptus forest, a chorus of magpies and kookaburras fills the air with their joyful songs. The dawn of a new day brings with it the promise of fresh beginnings and the emergence of life renewed. In this sacred moment, we witness the interconnectedness of all creation, each creature playing its part in the grand symphony of existence. Just as the sun’s warmth encourages the unfurling of new leaves and the blossoming of wildflowers, so too does the love of God call forth the best in each of us, inviting us to emerge as beacons of compassion and understanding in a world that yearns for connection. This divine love, present in every aspect of the natural world, beckons us to embrace our own unique role in the tapestry of life and to cultivate relationships rooted in love and respect for all beings.


1. How can I open my heart to the love that surrounds me, allowing it to transform and renew my relationships with others and with all of creation?

2. In what ways can I cultivate a sense of wonder and reverence for the sacred in the everyday moments of my life, recognising the presence of God in all things?


Divine Love, help me to embrace the new beginnings that each day offers, and to emerge as a loving presence in the world. May I see the sacred in all things and respond with compassion and care.


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