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June 8 – Unity in Diversity

Have the same attitude toward everyone. Don’t be condescending to those who aren’t as well off as you; don’t be conceited. (Romans 12:16)

In the vast expanse of the outback, a flock of zebra finches takes flight. Each bird, unique in its own way, moves in perfect harmony with the others, creating a mesmerising dance in the sky. No single bird seeks to outshine the rest, nor does any lag behind. They instinctively understand that their strength lies in their unity, in the way they move as one despite their individual differences. This is a powerful lesson for us as we navigate the complexities of human relationships. We are called to see beyond superficial distinctions and to recognise the inherent dignity and worth in every person, regardless of their circumstances. By cultivating an attitude of humility and respect, we open ourselves to the beauty of unity in diversity, and we create a world where all can soar together.


1. How can I practice seeing the inherent value in every person I encounter, regardless of their background or circumstances?

2. In what ways can I cultivate a spirit of humility and unity, recognising that we are all interconnected and that our strength lies in our diversity?


Creator of all, help me to see the world through eyes of love and compassion, to celebrate the unique beauty in every person, and to work towards creating a world where all are treated with dignity and respect. May I embrace the power of unity in diversity, and may my actions reflect this truth.


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