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June 9 – Navigating Life’s Currents

Dismiss all anxiety from your minds; instead, present your needs to God through prayer and petition, giving thanks for all circumstances. (Philippians 4:6)

The movement of the tides in the mangrove forests offers a powerful lesson in trust and letting go. The mangrove trees, with their intricate root systems, stand firm in the shifting currents, adapting to the constant ebb and flow of the water. They do not resist the changing tides, but rather bend and sway with the movement, trusting in their own resilience and the natural rhythm of the ecosystem. The mangroves let go of rigidity and control, allowing themselves to be shaped by the larger forces at play.

In our own lives, we are called to navigate the ever-changing currents with a similar trust and flexibility. When we release our tight grip on how we think things should be, we open ourselves to the wisdom and guidance of the Divine, which often comes in unexpected forms. Like the mangrove trees, we can learn to bend and adapt to the shifting tides of life, trusting in our own inner strength and the larger love that holds us.


1. In what areas of my life am I being called to let go of control and trust in the natural flow of things?

2. How can I cultivate a deeper sense of flexibility and adaptability, rooted in a trust of the Divine?


Creator, help me to release my grip on control and certainty, and to trust in the ever-changing currents of life. May I learn to bend and sway with the movement of your Spirit, knowing that I am rooted in your eternal love.


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