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June 10 – Letting Go of Anxiety

Can any of you, for all your worrying, add a single hour to your life? (Luke 12:25)

The mountain pygmy-possum, a tiny marsupial of the alpine region, embodies the wisdom of letting go of anxiety. Despite the harsh environment, the pygmy-possum does not waste energy worrying about the future. Instead, it focuses on the present moment, gathering food and preparing for winter months ahead. It trusts its instincts and the natural rhythms of its habitat, adapting to change with ease and surrender.

Similarly, we too are invited to let go of our anxieties and trust in the unfolding of our lives. When consumed by worries about the future, we miss the opportunities and blessings of the present. Like the mountain pygmy-possum, we can learn to focus on today’s tasks and challenges of today, trusting we have the adaptability to navigate what lies ahead. As we release our grip on the unknown, we open ourselves to the peace and freedom that comes from living in the present moment.


1. What would it look like for me to let go of my anxieties and trust in the unfolding of my life?

2. How can I cultivate a greater sense of presence and mindfulness, focusing on the tasks and opportunities of today?


Loving Creator, grant me the grace to release my worries and anxieties, and to trust in your gentle guidance. May I learn to live with the simplicity and surrender of the mountain pygmy-possum, finding peace and purpose in the present moment.


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